Dasher Inoba
OccupationPro Wrestler
Weapon (Special Attack)Wrestling Techniques
Giant Axe
Voice actorFumihiko Tachiki

Dasher Inoba (ダッシャー猪場) is a playable character from Ehrgeiz.


Inoba is a prominent wrestler and a disciple of Karl Schneider, the founder of the Ehrgeiz Championship Tournament. He is also a member of the Ehrgeiz supervising committee. With the recent death of his master, Inoba discovers a note left behind by the late Schneider which suggests that Schneider had been investigating the connection between the stone embedded within Ehrgeiz and the ancient ruins it was found on. Ever since laying eyes upon the mystical stone, Inoba has been fascinated by its presence. Compounded by his urge to obtain the stone and to uncover the mystery behind his master's investigation, he is determined to get his hands on the legendary weapon.


In both Jo and Yoko's ending, Inoba appears as a recurring enemy and he was seen wielding a Giant Axe to attack them both. In his ending he keeps eating ramen endlessly until the player presses a button to exit.


Inoba's fighting style is Pro Wrestling where he uses some of his wrestling moves such as the Missile Drop Kick, Clothesline, and a Moonsault Drop. He can also elbow his opponent in mid-air as well even can heavily headbutt his opponent once or twice if it connects. His only unique ability as opposed to most characters who can charge their unique ability is the Dasher Bomb where he dashes his opponent with several grunts as it connects he can pulverize his opponent with a Power Bomb to make an extensive damage but if he fails to catch an opponent, he ends up getting tired from dashing. In both Jo and Yoko's ending, he was seen wielding his Giant Axe and he has a high proficiency in wielding weapons as seen when he and Yoko clash with their weapons from her ending.


  • Triple Chop: H, H, H
  • Grand Knuckle: H + S, J, H, J, H
  • Rolling Upper: H + L
  • Dasher Bomb: S
  • Dasher Lariat: H while running
  • Final Dasher: Hold down S
  • Brawl Kick: Step, L
  • Homing Body Press: S while jumping
  • Heel Slam: G + L + S
  • Dasher Scissors: S after the Special Attack gauge is depleted


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