President of Mishima Construction Co.
Weapon (Special Attack)Arm Gun
Voice actorJôji Nakata

Godhand, whose real name is Ken Mishima (三島 拳 Mishima Ken), is a playable character from Ehrgeiz. He appears to be based on Kazuya Mishima from the Tekken series, having a similar name and moveset.

Vincent Valentine uses Godhand's moveset.


An ex-mercenary from the mysterious Red Scorpion organization. Upon uncovering the true significance of the ancient ruins in regard to immortality, he steals as much information as possible about the ancient ruins and severs his right arm as an excuse to retire from Red Scorpion, believing that his own plans for the ruins would make up for the sacrifice. Sharing some of what he knows with a powerful organization, he garners an ally that provides him with a new right arm along with means to establish his own company, Mishima Construction Co., dedicated to uncovering the secret of immortality. At the same time that he acquires a new right arm with a hidden arm gun, he learns from his research teams that the Ehrgeiz stone may be the key to the ruins and the secret they hold. His growing ambition leads him to join the Ehrgeiz Championship Tournament in an attempt to gain possession of the weapon.


In his ending, Godhand is pursued by a car, possibly from the Red Scorpion organization. When he reaches a dead end, Godhand jumps and manages to plant an explosive on the roof of the car, destroying it. After this, Godhand walks away before the police arrives, sirens being heard from the distance. The phrase "Touched by the hand of Godhand" appears in the end.


Ken's fighting style is Mishima-ryu Karate, inspired by the Mishima fighters from the Tekken series, and his unique ability has him shoot lightning blasters from his right arm gun and planting a grenade on his opponent. During charge, he can shoot his arm gun three times.


  • One-two Kick: H, H, H
  • Divine Combo Step: H, H, J, H, H, H, H, H, J, H, H, J, H, H, H, G
  • Rising Upper: H + L
  • Arm Gun: S
  • Mach Punch: H, L, H, H, H, H, H, H, H, H, H
  • Triple Arm Gun: Hold down S
  • Shoulder Tackle: H + L while running
  • Rolling Mine: S while rolling (G to explode)
  • Divine Combination Step: Step, H, L, J, H
  • Grenade Toss: S while jumping

By pressing S after the Special Attack gauge is depleted, Godhand will detach his arm, hit the opponent with it, and attach it back.


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