NationalityJapanese (?)
OccupationFuture Ninja
Weapon (Special Attack)Shuriken
Voice actorRyuzo Ishino

Sasuke (佐助), is a playable character from Ehrgeiz.


Although it is evident by his appearance that he is a Ninja, Sasuke’s true identity remains unknown. Presently, he works as an agent for Red Scorpion, but since he has a mild case of amnesia, he cannot remember his true name. However, during a mission in which he was to assassinate the adventurer, Koji Masuda, he notices a mysterious stone embedded within a broken sword held by Masuda. Believing that this precious stone will enable him to recover his long lost memories, Sasuke aims to acquire the legendary weapon, Ehrgeiz.


A house is shown from several angles to match the drum beats. Inside the house Sasuke sits before his katana. He then picks it up an cleans his blade with Uchiko ball. After the cleaning Sasuke reaches behind him, and places the katana on a rack, above the Ehrgeiz sword. Sasuke then stands up, walks behind the rack, and disappears to a secret passage.


  • Ninja Sword Run: H, H, H, L, H
  • Flip Slash: G + L + S
  • Rising Back Flip To Slash: H + L, H + L, H
  • Shooting Star: S
  • Triple Slash: H, H, H while running
  • Super Star: Hold down S
  • Ninja Deception: Step, L, L, H
  • Smoke Bomb: S while jumping
  • Kagehisa: H, H, H and in between, J, H
  • Quick Slash: S after the Special Attack gauge is depleted


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